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Justice warrior

"While seeking revenge, dig two graves - one for yourself."

Just kidding, I'll dig yours!

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My story

I was born in Jerusalem, Palestine. Had a hard upbringing and never knew how to be treated with respect. Some people say I am aggressive in my communication style, that's because they don't know me. 

I worked really hard to be where I am now. 

In case somebody wants a fight, I'll show them my Martial arts skills. Many tried to take me down. Yet I'm still here! 

  • Residence: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Working with

Legal Cases

About my court cases


Studied at


Creative ability
  • Harrasmenship

    20+ years harassing people around me professionaly l

  • PTSD Development

    Developing PTSD in people who dare to disobey me

  • Commercial Bullying

    Handling every person who thinks different at a time. 

  • MBA

    Holding a Master in Business Abuse 


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    Eran Elhanani
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    Eran Elhanani